Do you need a glucosamine supplement for your dog or will exercise alone help joint pain?

dog boneArthritis is the joint sickness that is most common among big and obese dogs. It follows the bigger race of dogs such as Golden retriever, German shepherd or Newfoundland. Things can get even worse, because there are no familiar facts of the main effects that cause this painful sickness among big dogs. Arthritis can affect dog’s hips, knees, elbows, end even spine producing an unbearable pain to a poor animal.

How to recognize the symptoms of dog arthritis

A devastating dog owner can only watch his pet in suffering, but prevention can be useful and major clue in healing the dog from arthritis. There are some visible effects, you just have to carefully watch over your pet, like you usually do. Then, soon as possible, alarm the vet.

  1. If your dog has a problem with walking, like limping that for sure can be a visible symptom of arthritis.
  2. If your dog doesn’t want to go for a walk, be patient and observe it for a while.
  3. If your dog doesn’t like exercising, like jumping and running as he used to do, that would be definitely the sign that you must not ignore.
  4. If your dog has problem with lifting, again, observe it and alarm the vet shortly after
  5. If your dog has a lack of appetite that is a sign to immediately take it to the doctor.

How should I treat a dog with arthritis?

First of all, all you can do is to listen to the professionals and take extra care of your pet. The analysis will confirm the type of arthritis and way of healing. On the other side, even if arthritis is heavy and painful sickness, you can heal your pet naturally.

Consider using glucosamine chondroitin. It’s a joint supplement you can get for your dog either online at Amazon or in a local store. It comes in a pill form, liquid form, or treat/chew form. For ease of getting your pet to actually take it, the chew form is the best. If you get one that actually tastes good to them, it will mask the glucosamine. Much better than forcing him/her to woof down pills.

Helpful exercise

  1. Get your dog to exercise, even just a little bit. Even regular or light walking is just fine.
  2. Feed your dog a balanced diet. Feed him/her a mix of naturally cooked vegetables and dry food.
  3. Give your dog some natural supplements like the glucosamine above. Some treats or chew supplements also feature MSM, fish oil, and other natural anti-inflammatories.
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