Best Things to do in Jersey City, NJ

jersey cityJersey City is one of the most interesting towns in the Garden State. It’s a waterfront jewel with the best bars, the most exquisite views, and the most exciting things to do. It’s about to time to explore this haven and indulge in the following activities that you will enjoy.

  1. Drop in on the Statue of Liberty National Monument

Your trip to Jersey City or the Big Apple can’t possibly be complete without popping in the most defining monument in America. As it stands tall in the Upper Bay waters towards the end of the Hudson River, this spectacle is truly a sight to behold. This 2-century old monument symbolizes democracy, freedom, and the American dream. You can access the site by ferry from the Liberty State Park. The access is free of charge, but if you wish to climb the core stairs to the crown, you need to make an advanced booking since only 240 people can be admitted per day.

  1. Get hands-on at the Liberty Science Center

This facility just sits on the western edge of the Liberty State Park. It remarkably displays hands-on and bitesize science exhibits for the travelers and people of New York for over 20 years now.

The collection includes the biggest expose of skyscraper construction in the world, the exciting Energy Quest, and the adrenaline-fueled Wildlife Challenge (during summer) with spine-tingling zip lines and other indulging physical activities. This site also holds the biggest IMAX dome in the country.

  1. Have a beer and a meal at the Light Horse Tavern

This is a cozy place to hang out with their menu focused on classic East Coast fare with Maine lobsters and oysters along with crispy cod fillets and kale salads. Their tavern section serves up foam-covered beer and a variety of great pub snacks, such as baked meatloaf and artisanal cheese platters.

  1. Drink coffee and eat pizza at Grove Square

Grove Square is one of the trendiest spots in Jersey City. It’s a coffee shop, a pizzeria, and a whiskey joint located on Newark Avenue. It’s an all-in-one stash that you can’t miss. Not to mention the oodles of artworks scribbled over the exposed-brick walls. Truly a gem.

  1. Wander the boardwalks of the J. Owen Grundy Park

This is another delightful place to welcome the amazing broadside views of New York City including the Statue of Liberty. It’s a mix of timber-built pagodas and promenades, stretching out the local strollers during summer. It’s also the den of yoga hangouts and jogging classes during weekends.

  1. Party the night away in Hoboken

It’s a small town with a big bang. Despite the ancient tenements and brownstone homes covering it, it’s filled with a modern and youthful vibe, especially at night. The place is teeming with dive bars and nightclubs that suit just about every kind of party style.

The places above are just some of the many hideaways in Jersey City. The place is surely more than what meets the eye. It’s time to take the plunge and enjoy the many things that Jersey City has to offer.