Types of Identity Theft

stolen passwordDescribed as the deliberate use of someone’s identity and in most cases to the use of financial gain without that other person’s knowledge, identity theft can be in the following types. These types describe the different ways n which someone can still your identity and use it to your disadvantage.

Identity Cloning

This is done when one person uses the identity of another to conceal his own. It is usually done when a person is wanted by the law and he uses the other person’s name in order to escape the law further. This method is usually really hard to identify and it can go on for a very long time as the person normally is committing no crime hence knowing that he is actually a fraud is really hard.

Criminal Identity Theft

This happens when a criminal is arrested and he gives false information about himself. He might say that he is another person who he is not and this way; this will be referred to as criminal identity theft. They can even be in possession of a fake ID that is not actually theirs to solidify their claim that they are who they are saying. This might even lead to the criminal being released and you that he has stolen the identity being taken into custody and charged.

Synthetic Identity Theft

This happens when a person takes the social security number or other legal documents of that person and alters the names to insert his. This is hard to detect as one never really knows what is going on and in most cases this can go on for a very long time as it appears on the system as a totally different person. It can show when the affected party is confused with the con and served probably with some information that is not his like a bill.

Medical Identity Theft

This happens when a person seeks medical attention with the identity of another person. This means that the thief’s medical history can be added to that of the victim’s which can cause future misdiagnosis. This will also lead to the victim paying for some service that he has not received at all.

Financial Identity Theft

This is the most common type of identity theft. This simply means that one intends to get any sort of financial gain be it loans, credits, services and goods in the name of another person. This form of impersonation is the most common and is what actually started the whole Identity Theft crisis.

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